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Midtown Manhattan bustles with over 700,000 employees. Visitors from all over the world are mixing with the residential and working people in our perpetually growing area of Manhattan. The Midtownsouthcc.org is a public service website dedicated to helping you get the most from our community.


The Midtown South Community Council, a not-for-profit 501c3 organization, is devoted to building better neighborhoods and stronger relationships within the Midtown South of Manhattan, which stretches from 29th Street to 45th Street, and 9th Avenue to Lexington Avenue.


This is a Midtown South Community Council sponsored website.


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So much is happening and so much is overlooked in our world; Marketing, PR, and Advertising overwhelms the landscape.


We’re cutting through the noise to bring you the no nonsense, close to home, quality of life, and socially-valued non-corporate sponsored information and news.


Be safe, be informed, and be part of our community.


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