$121 For a Monthly MetroCard! MTA Approves Fare Hike For March

(DNAINFO)  Danielle Tcholakian | January 25, 2017 — The agency is raising the fare again even as its own board criticized its poor transit service.

A monthly MetroCard will increase to $121 and a weekly will cost $32 after the MTA voted Wednesday to increase fares for subways and buses.

The transit agency was choosing between two fare hike options, both of which would have resulted in the MetroCard price increases.

The option they chose keeps the per-ride cost at $2.75, but decreases the “bonus” riders get with they put money on their MetroCards.

The fare hikes take effect on March 19.

The monthly MetroCard is currently $116.50 and the weekly is $31.

The 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard will also increase from $57.25 to $59.50, and the $1 fee for purchasing a new MetroCard remains the same.

Before the vote, roughly 25 people addressed their concerns about the hike to the board.

“Fare hikes don’t just happen out of nowhere, it is the result of the state refusing to put funding for New Yorkers who need transit on a daily basis,” said Sharon Bardalas, a student at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. “Paying $2.75 or more per week just to get to work or school puts a financial burden on my pocket.”

Samuel Santaella of St. Albans, Queens, who’s a member of the Riders Alliance advocacy group, said: “To pay for my MetroCard, I’ve had to give up my cell phone service, not buy new clothes and skip meals toward the end of the month.”

The MTA’s own board this week criticized the agency for raising fares at a time of increased delays and poor service.

Board member Charles Moerdler said that as far as riders are concerned, subway service rates between “poor” and “fuhgeddaboutit.”

Source: $121 For a Monthly MetroCard! MTA Approves Fare Hike For March – Midtown – DNAinfo New York