The 2020 Census should not be weaponized

(WEISERWRITING.COM) Hazel Weiser, June 28, 2018 — The 2020 Census should not be weaponized and converted from an important data gathering process into a sledge hammer to further diminish the representation of Democratic strongholds, like New York and California, by undercounting our diverse populations.  Trump’s strategy is to undermine the 2020 Census: underfund the Census Bureau, insist that a citizenship question be included, rely primarily on electronic filing which eliminates those people without computers and access to computers: older people, poor people, a disproportionate number of whom are people of color, and many immigrants.

We are currently in the public comment period for the 2020 Census and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is organizing a write in campaign to insist that Census 2020 is adequately funded, does not contain a question as to citizenship, and counts all people living in the United States without regard to race, national origin, and citizenship status.

The future of our democracy is dependent upon the integrity of the data gathered through the Census process.  Census data determines congressional districts, federal funding, and allocation of resources.

Just another reason why we have to win the 2018 midterm elections and take back Congress so that there is a check on the presidency.

Go to the Leadership Conference Census website to learn about the issues.  The comment period is open until August 7.  Once you have educated yourself, write a comment by going to the designated Census Counts website.  You can send a prewritten comment through the Census Counts website, or customize it.

In addition, you can post an individual comment directly on the Federal RegisterKnow that your personal information, including your address will be included in the Federal Register comments.