2,000 People Were Arrested for Turnstile-Jumping in January: NYPD

(DNAINFO) Danielle Tcholakian | February 26, 2017 — New data on fare-beating is being provided amid concerns about deportation.

Transit police arrested 2,000 people and issued summonses to 5,502 others in January for fare-beating, according to NYPD data provided at an MTA meeting Tuesday.

The NYPD is newly providing the MTA with data on arrests for “theft of service” at the request of MTA board member David Jones, who said he’s concerned “about how much time is being spent by the NYPD on what I see as a quality of life problem.”

If the January numbers are any indication, the NYPD is stopping more than 90,000 people a year for turnstile-jumping, which Jones said “starts to look like the main task of the NYPD in the subways is fare evasion.”

“I’m also worried that if you start to look at the demographics, who’s interfacing with the criminal justice system on this, it’s generally young people, blacks and Latinos,” Jones explained. “This is like Victor Hugo, ‘Les Miserables,’ persecuting people for stealing bread.”

The January data amounts to 17.5 percent fewer arrests and seven fewer summonses than in January of last year, NYPD Transit Assistant Chief Vincent Coogan said at the Tuesday MTA meeting.

According to a tweet by Transit Chief Joseph Fox, 73 percent of people stopped for fare evasion are issued summonses and released without arrest.

Source: 2,000 People Were Arrested for Turnstile-Jumping in January: NYPD – Financial District – DNAinfo New York