3 Homeless Shelters Opening in Crown Heights Area Soon, City Says

(DNAINFO)  Rachel Holliday Smith | March 2, 2017 — The facilities are among the first of 90 new shelters the mayor plans to create citywide.

Three shelters are set to open in the neighborhood, at least two of them within the next two months, as part of a plan to create 90 new facilities for homeless New Yorkers, city officials said Wednesday.

The first of those will open this month on Bergen Street, DNAinfo New York first reported Tuesday, housing 106 men over 50 years old. Another shelter, housing up to 132 families, will open at 265 Rogers Ave. in April, the mayor mentioned Tuesday afternoon as part of his bold plan to overhaul Department of Homeless Services facilities.

A third shelter, located at 174 Prospect Pl. in Prospect Heights, is also set to open soon, DHS officials told DNAinfo on Wednesday but would not provide further details. However, a representative from service provider Center for Urban Community Services told DNAinfo the location will be used by the group as a 90-bed transitional housing facility for homeless women.

The four shelters are the first to roll out under the mayor’s plan to eliminate homeless “cluster” and hotel sites by 2018, DHS said. The agency said one shelter among the 90, located at 480 East 185th St. in The Bronx, is already open and operating.

The agency said notification has been provided to the community regarding the Bronx shelter and the three soon to open in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights. However, it’s unclear how residents have been notified about the facilities; a public meeting is scheduled this Saturday to discuss the Bergen Street shelter, but DHS did not provide information about how residents were alerted or where they can get more information about the projects.

Source: 3 Homeless Shelters Opening in Crown Heights Area Soon, City Says – Crown Heights – DNAinfo New York