6 Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Products

(DNAINFO)  Serena Solomon | October 18, 2016 — These products will keep your apartment fresh, clean and free of harsh chemicals.

When it comes to finding safe cleaning products, the burden is often on consumers to sift through confusing and sometimes conflicting information.

While there’s little official government oversight on what’s safe to use in your home, some organizations have already done the hard work for you, like Think Dirty, which allows you to scan a barcode using its smartphone app to get a detailed report on what’s in the bottle. That includes any ingredients that are known carcinogens (capable of causing cancer), potentially toxic to children or known to cause allergic reactions.

The Good Guide is both a user-friendly app and website where products are rated for their impact on people and the environment. It also ranks how socially conscious a brand is so you can use your cleaning products with peace of mind.

The Environmental Working Group — also a website and app — rates household products as well as common beauty routine items like makeup and sunscreen.

All three organizations don’t test the products themselves, but their assessments are based on publicly available information, like ingredients, which are then reviewed by experts.

Source: 6 Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Products – Sugar Hill – DNAinfo New York