A Straw Free NYC

(CITY COUNCIL) Rafael L Espinal Jr., April 9, 2019

USA Today recently reached out to me and asked me to write an op-ed on why my legislation to phase out plastic straws is a good idea. Apparently, the editorial board has a different point of view and does not believe plastic straws are a problem. 

I took them up on their challenge and put together a compelling case on why we must be proactive in creating measures that will further protect our planet. Read more about it below. 

Our oceans are choking on plastic. If we sit back and do not reduce our waste, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. That means that there will be less marine life and that the fish you’re eating will contain plastic. Passing on plastic straws is an easy first step we can all take to do our part. 

If you believe we are on the right side of the issue and want to help, you can by either making a small donation to our campaign or signing our petition and forwarding it to all of your friends!

Why I introduced a ban on plastic straws for NYC