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A Temazcal is a Traditional Mexican Sweat Lodge… Just Don’t Call it a Sauna

(PHOTO DIARIES ) Cyndie Burkhardt, October 28, 2019

Temazcal is a Traditional Mexican Sweat Lodge, Just Don’t Call it a Sauna


While planning a trip to Tepoztlan, a small town 90 minutes outside of Mexico City, one activity caught my attention: “experience the pre-Hispanic tradition of the temazcal, a sweat lodge ritual that will connect you as a person and as a group.”

I was curious, what’s so special about temazcal? Turns out, it’s a traditional Mexican sweat lodge. Meaning, herbal concoctions are used, a ceremony, ritual, or healing is performed (depending on what you need), and temazcal “therapy” can bring about holistic healing of body, mind, and spirit. It’s all considered a form of detoxification, regardless of the condition you want to address. I was a little skeptical of this panacea that supposedly cures everything from rheumatoid arthritis to depression, but I was motivated to try it.

Source: Photo Diaries