Air Quality Study

(CHEKPEDS.COM) Christine Berthet, September 15, 2019

Help Address our air quality Issue! Chelsea and Hells Kitchen experience the third worst air quality in the city.

Receive a state of the art measuring device. Test the air. And respond before September 23, 2019!

Our neighborhood experiences the third worst air quality in New York city, which in itself is not compliant with Federal guidelines. We suspect that the reality is even worse , since measurements have been done with very few captors
We need a few volunteers to spend 10 minutes, 3 times a day at specific locations in the district a few times during the month of October to measure air quality at pedestrian level. The participants will use a state of the art portable measuring device that uploads its information to a smart  phone and the Cloud .
I hope you will join us  and help spread the word . If you’d like to participate, please take this quick survey