An emergency call center operator tells a dying woman that everyone dies

(CNN) Dakin Andone, Morgane Guillou, May 15, 2018 —

In pain too agonizing for her to describe, a young woman calls emergency services.

“I’m going to die,” she says.
“You will die, certainly, one day,” the phone operator replies, “like everyone else.”
A few hours later, the woman — 22-year-old Naomi Musenga — dies. And now, officials in France have launched an investigation into why her call wasn’t taken more seriously.
The call
The incident happened in the city of Strasbourg in northeastern France in December. However, there’s new interest in the case after a recording of the call surfaced.
“We are waiting for justice to be done … to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” the woman’s father, Policarpe Musenga, told reporters Thursday. “Whether it was bad will or dysfunctions, it is a serious error.”
In the three-minute call on December 29, Naomi Musenga calls the local ambulance service, complaining of severe stomach pain.
Operator: “Yes hello?
Musenga: “Hello … Help me, ma’am.”
Operator: “Yes, what’s going on?
Musenga: “Help me.
Operator: “Well, if you do not tell me what’s going on, I will hang up.
The woman can’t fully articulate her condition and says she’s in a lot of pain. In response, the operator tells her to call a doctor.
Musenga: “I’m gonna die.
Operator: “Yes … you will die, certainly, one day, like everyone else. Call the SOS doctors.” [The operator gives her the number to SOS Médecins, France’s medical emergency service that sends doctors directly to a house.]
Musenga: “Please, help me, ma’am.
Operator: “I can’t help you, I don’t [know what’s wrong with you].”
Musenga: “I have a lot of pain, I have very bad pain.
Operator: “And where?
Musenga: “My stomach hurts a lot … and I feel terrible everywhere.”
Operator: “Yes, well, you call SOS doctors.” [The operator gives her the number again.

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