Anti-New York White Supremacist Hate is Rising, NYPD Says

(THE CITY) , 8.14.19

When white nationalist Garrett Kelsey discovered an internet video castigating Nordic neo-Nazis, he allegedly turned his fury on the Manhattan-based Jewish group that posted it.

From his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Kelsey left a voicemail ranting about “filthy (expletive) Jews” — then followed up with a threat to “take action” if the video didn’t come down in three days, authorities said.

In an interview with THE CITY, Kelsey described the group in the video not as Nazis but as members of the “Nordic resistance.”

“These are just people who want to do what everyone in the world wants to do, which is to protect your ethnic heritage,” he said.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, resident Garrett Kelsey was charged with making a threatening call to a Jewish group based in Manhattan. Photo: Courtesy of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office

Kelsey was arrested last month by the NYPD and FBI at his Iowa home and charged with one count of making an interstate threat. He’s out on $50,000 bond.

His case, authorities say, is emblematic of a growing threat in New York City: out-of-towner white supremacists taking their hateful agendas to nation’s most diverse metropolis.

It’s happening via online message boards, xenophobic posters plastered in immigrant neighborhoods, even at public rallies in Manhattan. Much of the hate is fueled by groups promoting the conspiratorial “white replacement theory.”