Appetite4Life’s Monday Live Conversation on Fighting Stress and Burnout

(APPETITE4LIFE) Cyndie Burkhardt—September 17—Tune In Monday, September 17 at 12pm @FB Live

Have you ever felt “over it” at work? The long hours, challenging co-workers, intense environment, difficult clients, endless deadlines, or feeling unappreciated for all you do?

You may have a great situation but still experience non-stop, always “on,” workdays.

Burnout is real and job stress—whether mental, physical, or emotional—can have serious consequences on your body. Take it from someone who’s been there—me!

Join me Monday, September 17 at Noon  for a Facebook Live conversation  Stress in the Workplace and learn how to stay healthy and on top of your game.

Share your own story, we’ll compare notes and learn from each other.

If you missed my live radio interview for the health and wellness Professionals Roundtable on All Business Media FM, you can catch the replay  here.

See you Monday!


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