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April 16, 2015 Midtown South Community Council Monthly Meeting Minutes


John Mudd (President) addressed the meeting with updates: 10,000 post cards going out, Gathering information for Wikipedia page for the Community Council, marketing people for the website will attend next month’s meeting, the new MTS Community Council Newsletter will be emailed

C.I. Ed Winski gave an update on crime in the precinct. Noting that 75% of crimes are grand larcenies. He mentioned the arrest of a mother charged with killing her 20-month-old son in the restroom of a restaurant at 36th St and 6th Ave, March 30, 2015. Three million people come through the precinct each day.

Addressed the noise issues from last month’s meeting involving Slake, NYC. Increased police presence at club. Discussion was tabled for this meeting because the club staff was attending a memorial service for a long time employee of sister club Webster Hall.

D.I. Christine Bastedenbeck, C.O. Transit District 1, followed up on procedures for dealing with threatening situations in subway cars: alert the conductor or motorman, do not pull emergency cord, call 911, go to help point box on subway platform which connects to booth clerk at that station within 5 seconds or 911 dispatcher within 20 seconds. Police will know your location by the call number of the box.

Sgt. Anthony Fusaro, MTS Domestic Violence, addressed the meeting: his unit maintains records of domestic violence incidents, follow-up visits, safety plans and orders of protection. The priority is the victim’s safety.

P.O. John O’Reilly, MTS Crime Prevention, gave a presentation on avoiding grand larceny involving unattended property. Guests of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and shoppers get tunnel vision and forget about their handbags, wallets and electronic devices. He reminded attendees of the “purse hooks” that are used by guests to hook purses to the table or bars to keep them in sight. Crime prevention division is available to make presentations to proprietor and staff.

Carlmas Johnson, Civilian Complaint Review Board, 100 Church St, NY, NY, 10007, 212 912 2093,  gave an overview of her agency, whose 13-member board is appointed by the police commissioner (3), city council (5) and mayor (5). She discussed the board’s procedure guidelines: FADO- Force, Abuse of authority, Discourtesy, Offensive language. She provided pamphlets and tip sheets with hotline phone number-800 341 2271, (outside NYC 212 639 9675) Monday- Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, #311 anytime 24/7


Resident owner, 32nd St & Madison Ave complemented the graffiti removal in her area.

It was mentioned that Macy’s would be producing plaques for winners

of the precinct’s “Cop of the Month Award” to be presented at the May Community Council meeting.

P.O. Martin Reyes, MTS Auxiliary Police Coordinator, outlined a number of areas in which graffiti removal has taken place.

Officials in attendance: C.I. Edward Winski, Deputy Inspector Christine Bastedenbeck, C.O. Transit District 1; Det. Richard Fazio, Transit District 1; Det. Paul Spano, MTS Community Affairs, P.O. John O’Reilly, MTS Crime Prevention, Sgt. Anthony Fusaro, MTS Domestic Violence, P.O. Martin Reyes, MTS Auxiliary Police Coordinator, Sgt. Tyrone Morris, NYPD Auxiliary; Carlmas Johnson, Civilian Compliant Review Board

MTS CC President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson, Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly

Also attending:

John Clancy, Foley’s Restaurant, 18 W33rd St

Alicia Sheppard, Molly Wee Pub

Craig Primus, Director of Security, CUNY Graduate Center

Ray Montgomery, Theater 42nd St &7th Ave

Representative of Midtown Community Court

Ray Weiderhall, independent security monitor for Slake, NY, 251 W30th St.

Alfredo Marty, Blarney Stone, 410 8th Ave

Alan Murray, McGettigian’s, 70 W 36th ST

Jason McDonald, Auxiliary Police Officer

Jeff Wice, Citywide traffic task force

Nestor Medina, representative of NYS Assemblyman Victor M. Pichardo

Representative from Midtown Community Court, 314 W. 54th St, NY, NY 100019, 646 246 1300

Representative of Macy’s security

Kelly of West Garden Spa

David Rios, Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid, 61 W. 37th St.

Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT

The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2015

7:00 p.m., at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets.