Barry Diller-Funded Park Plan Slapped Down by Judge

(DNAINFO)  Maya Rajamani | March 27, 2017 — The controversial Barry Diller-funded Pier55 park had its permit yanked by a Manhattan federal judge — who ruled the Army Corps of Engineers should never have allowed it to be built in a wildlife sanctuary.

Manhattan Federal Judge Lorna G. Schofield on Thursday revoked the permit for the Hudson River Park Trust’s plan to build the project on the Hudson River, below 14th Street — saying the greenspace was intended to be an estuarine sanctuary “to protect fish and wildlife resources,” not a concert and party space.

“A project whose fundamental goal is to provide park and performance space is not water dependent, regardless of whether the Trust prefers to build such space on a pier,” Schofield wrote in her decision, which comes after nearly a year of legal battles over the multimillion dollar project.

Source: Barry Diller-Funded Park Plan Slapped Down by Judge – Meatpacking District – DNAinfo New York