Bedford-Stuyvesant Gardeners Nab ‘Greenest Block’ Award

(DNAINFO)  Rachel Holliday Smith | August 6, 2017 — They got the medal for their petals!

A group of Bedford-Stuyvesant gardeners got the top prize this year for the best plantings in the borough.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden awarded Stuyvesant Avenue between Bainbridge and Chauncey streets the “Greenest Block in Brooklyn” award for 2017, the group announced Monday.

The block celebrated among leafy trees, overflowing sidewalk beds and colorful planters on the street where two Stuyvesant Avenue Block Association residents in particular, Serge Vastel and Sylvia Alexander, have kept the gardens going day after day.

Alexander said she got the gardening bug from her mother, Mary Powlett — who lives in the house since 1967 — and takes it upon herself to not just keep her own flowers nice, but to plant, weed and water at her neighbors’ houses, too.

“I go through everybody’s because I just want everything to be streamlined and nice,” she said. Geraniums are a favorite, she said, as are multi-colored coleus plants.

Novelist Elizabeth Nunez, a Stuyvesant Avenue resident of eight years, has benefited from the green thumbs of her neighbors, she said. Nunez spends many weekends in Long Island and invariably when she comes home, “all of the sudden, I see I have other plants.”

Source: Bedford-Stuyvesant Gardeners Nab ‘Greenest Block’ Award – Bed-Stuy – DNAinfo New York