‘Build It Back’ Head Should Quit or Be Fired, Councilman Says

(DNAINFO) Katie Honan | July 18, 2016 — City Councilman Eric Ulrich said the city-run Hurricane Sandy rebuilding program is a “boondoggle.”

The head of the failed city-run Build It Back program should be fired or resign after the controversial rebuilding debacle proved to be a “boondoggle” of bureaucratic red tape and poor construction work, a local elected official said.

Standing in front of a home emptied months ago for promised Build It Back work that has yet to begin, Councilman Eric Ulrich demanded program director Amy Petersonstep down — saying “things can’t get any worse.”

“Amy Peterson has very good intentions, I’m sure that she gives 100 percent to her job,” Ulrich, who represents Rockaway, said Monday. “But she is simply in over her head. She is not able to effectively turn around the program, and if you want to see change, change has to start at the top.”

Peterson was appointed by the mayor in 2014, and was unable to successfully manage a program that’s “broken, it’s not working, it’s inefficient, it’s a bureaucratic nightmare, it’s a boondoggle,” Ulrich said.

Source: ‘Build It Back’ Head Should Quit or Be Fired, Councilman Says – Rockaway Park – DNAinfo New York