By Greg Plotkin

In all the talk about the drought currently gripping California, there’s surprisingly little mention about the rapid loss of farmland in the state and what that means for California’s water supply.

For example, evidence from American Farmland Trust’s (AFT) work in the San Joaquin Valley has found that ideal areas for ground water recharge (the areas where water, whether from natural precipitation or irrigation, seeps back into the ground, replenishing the aquifers) are primarily found on the prime farmland that surrounds almost all the cities in the Valley.

“Some of the state’s best farmland also happens to be the land where groundwater supplies are recharged,” adds AFT’s California Director, Edward Thompson, Jr. “If we are going to rely more on groundwater for irrigation as well as urban uses, we need to protect this land from being developed and lost for agricultural production.”

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Greg Plotkin Development Strategist for Food, Agriculture and Environment Nonprofits

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