Key Congress Staffers in AI Debate Are Funded by Tech Giants Like Google and Microsoft

POLITICO, Brendan Bordelon, December 8, 2023 Big tech companies are funneling money through a science nonprofit to help pay the salaries of AI staffers in Congress — and it’s just one example of the increasing influence outside-funded fellows are exerting on tech policy in Washington. Top tech companies with major stakes in artificial intelligence are channeling […]

The Real Reason Israel Is Attacking Gaza’s Hospitals

Corporate media fail to report that Israel’s war on hospitals has nothing to do with Hamas. LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, AND MOST THINGS, Arun Gupta, November 20, 2023  Israeli propaganda is bad, really bad, comically bad.  There are fake stories about Hamas beheading babies, and even beheading a fetus. There are outlandish claims of “mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ […]

Why a federal investigation into Mayor Adams’ campaign appears to be deepening

The Gothamist, Michael Hill, Elizabeth Kim, Nov 13, 2023 A federal investigation into New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ campaignand allegedly illegal campaign donations from Turkish officials is intensifying. Adams has not been accused of wrongdoing, but the probe directly involved the mayor for the first time after FBI agents approached him with a search warrant and seized several […]

Good Times for the Military-Industrial Complex

TOMDISPATCH, William D. Hartung, November 12, 2023 But Is It Truly the Arsenal of Democracy? The New York Times headline said it all: “Middle East War Adds to Surge in International Arms Sales.” The conflicts in Gaza, Ukraine, and beyond may be causing immense and unconscionable human suffering, but they are also boosting the bottom lines of the world’s […]

SCODEPINK’s Statement on the Call for War in Palestine: Peace comes with Justice, not WarS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Code Pink) MEDIA CONTACT: Melissa Garriga |, October 8, 2023 CODEPINK strongly opposes Secretary Lloyd J. Austin’s just-announced plan to send troops to the Eastern Mediterranean – including U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and defense munitions. Escalating the violence in Palestine is not the path to peace, it’s the path to destroying any chance the […]

Biden Stuns Allies With Border Wall Bombshell

“Border walls are ineffective, a poor use of taxpayer funds, and a strain on the local environment, endangering families and children who are fleeing from dangerous conditions and that seek legal asylum in the United States.” THE HILL, Rafael Bernal, October 7, 2023  President Biden’s decision this week to move forward with border wall construction […]

Biden Latest President To Tout the Vietnam War As Proud History

LA PROGRESSIVE, Norman Solomon, September 20, 2023 You might think that—after killing such a vast number of people in a war of aggression based on continuous deceptions—some humility and even penance would be in order. When Joe Biden flew out of Hanoi last week, he was leaving a country where U.S. warfare caused roughly 3.8 million Vietnamese deaths. […]

Lessons From Gramsci for Social Movements Today

DISSENT, September 1, 2023 Mark Engler and Paul Engler   From Gramsci’s political thinking and practical strategizing come a set of ideas that arguably have only grown more salient with time. He has been called one of the most original political thinkers of the twentieth century. “If academic citations and internet references are any guide,” one historian pointed out, “he […]