Chicago Police Brass Visit NYPD for Tips on Fighting Crime

(DNAINFO)  Murray Weiss | December 28, 2016 — Chicago police will use NYPD tactics to bridge troubled community relations in their crime-ravaged city.

Crime-weary Chicago police officials will introduce NYPD community relations programs to their department in a bid to help stem the Windy City’s skyrocketing murder rate and improve disintegrating community relations.

Chicago’s Superintendent of Police Eddie Johnson and his top brass spent two days at the NYPD’s headquarters and police academy diving into several programs credited with toppling crime and bridging community relations here, particularly in minority communities that were hardest hit by heavy-handed police tactics such as stop-and-frisk.

Johnson, who heads Chicago’s 12,000-member force, says he now plans to launch a pilot training program next month for rookie officers based on how the NYPD deploys its newest officers into communities.

The NYPD has re-engineered its approach to community policing in two critical ways: pairing rookie officers with veterans to ensure they learn proper ways to interact with the public, and posting specific officers in their beats for the purpose of becoming familiar with the merchants and residents for proactive policing rather than sitting in a patrol car waiting for a 911 call when violence has already broken out.

Relations between Chicago police and those who live in the city have become increasingly strained as the number of homicides rose to 770 this year, nearly 60 percent higher than the 492 slayings last year. The number of shootings climbed in Chicago to more than 4,300 so far this year, compared to about 1,000 in New York, which has more than three times the population.

With Chicago about to increase its force with 1,000 new recruits, Johnson said it was an appropriate time to test the NYPD’s techniques.

“I liked what I saw in New York,” Johnson said after returning to Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Source: Chicago Police Brass Visit NYPD for Tips on Fighting Crime – Civic Center – DNAinfo New York