Citi Bike to Expand to Staten Island and The Bronx Under New Proposal

(DNAINFO)  Nicholas Rizzi | May 17, 2017 — Facing the possibility of competition from new bike share operators, Citi Bike’soperator said Wednesday that it may add docks to Staten Island and The Bronx for the first time under a new proposal being considered by the city.

Motivate — which runs the service — would add 6,000 new bikes across the city and expand to finally cover the entire five boroughs with no extra public funding in exchange for the city loosening regulations and extending the company’s exclusivity deal, someone with knowledge of the proposal told DNAinfo.

The proposal was first reported by Politco New York.

Under the proposal, two-thirds of the new bikes, or 4,000, would go to neighborhoods that haven’t been a part of the system yet, including Staten Island and The Bronx. An additional 2,000 bikes would go to shore up service in existing neighborhoods, the source said.

The proposal comes as at least five other companies are hoping to set up their own bike share operations in New York City, the Post reported in April.

In exchange for the new bikes, Motivate is asking the city for several concessions, including an extension of the agreement that allows only Motivate to run a bike share on the streets.

Source: Citi Bike to Expand to Staten Island and The Bronx Under New Proposal – St. George – DNAinfo New York