City Aims to Double Number of Food Vendor Permits by 2023

(DNAINFO)  Trevor Kapp | October 16, 2016 — The Street Vending Modernization Act will be introduced before the City Council on Thursday.

The City Council will introduce legislation Thursday aimed at doubling the number of food vending permits over the next seven years.

Under the Street Vending Modernization Act, the number of permits would reach 8,000 by 2023 and a vendor law-enforcement unit would be implemented.

Currently, there’s a cap on the number of food carts and trucks allowed on city streets — which council members say has led to some shady renting practices. Existing permit carriers who no longer sell, for example, often illegally rent their licenses for tens of thousands of dollars, council members said.

The act aims to deter such operations.

“Street vendors have been targeted with inconsistent enforcement and shaken down by unscrupulous permit holders who currently control access to the limited pool of vending permits,” said City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who is co-sponsoring the bill.

“This legislation will increase opportunities for vendors by raising the number of food vending permits.”

About 2,500 people are currently on the waiting list for a food-vendor permit, according to Eric Koch, a spokesman for Mark-Viverito.

Food vending permits are issued by the city’s Department of Health.

Source: City Aims to Double Number of Food Vendor Permits by 2023 – Midtown – DNAinfo New York