City Axes ‘Fair Fares’ Subsidized MetroCards From Budget

(DNAINFO)  Gwynn Hogan | June 10, 2017 — The city budget failed to include a $50 million proposal to subsidize MetroCards for low income New Yorkers Tuesday, the City Council confirmed, because the mayor said the governor should fund it.

While the City Council had requested $50 million to launch a pilot program that would start funding the “Fair Fares” program to offer half-priced MetroCards to New Yorkers living on around $24,000 a year for a family of four, Mayor Bill de Blasio wouldn’t budge on his insistence that Gov. Andrew Cuomo ought to foot the bill.

“The proposal is a noble one but the mayor has been very clear: the MTA is the responsibility of the state and they should consider funding the program,” said de Blasio spokesman Freddi Goldstein, who added that city already chips in $60 million to fund rides for elderly, youth and disabled subway riders.

Source: City Axes ‘Fair Fares’ Subsidized MetroCards From Budget – Civic Center – DNAinfo New York