City Targets Chinatown Buses but Leaves Hamptons Buses Alone: Lawsuit

(DNAINFO)  Allegra Hobbs | April 3, 2017 — The city’s transportation department has been discriminating against Chinatown bus operator Yep Tour, Inc. — denying its repeated requests for a bus stop permit for its millions of “minority” riders each year, while allowing dozens of permits for bus companies that serve riders going to the Hamptons, the company claims in a federal lawsuit.

The controversial carrier — which recently had several buses confiscated over fines for operating illegally at Pike Street and East Broadway — claims in its lawsuit that the city’s Department of Transportation denied its permit because it operates out of Chinatown and largely serves minorities.

“Defendants have arbitrarily and purposely denied plaintiff a bus stop on the basis that plaintiff operates from a minority neighborhood and more than 80% of plaintiff’s clientele are minorities,” reads the lawsuit filed against the City of New York, the Department of Finance, the Department of Transportation and Sheriff Joseph Fucito, who has been enforcing the law.

News of the lawsuit and the temporary permit were first reported by The Lo-Down.

Since the 2013 intercity bus law made it illegal for buses to park, load or unload without a permit, Yep has applied for bus stop locations in Chinatown, according to the lawsuit and accompanying emails between Department of Transportation and Yep representatives.

Source: City Targets Chinatown Buses but Leaves Hamptons Buses Alone: Lawsuit – Chinatown – DNAinfo New York