City’s First Solar-Powered Bus Shelter Breaks Months After Installation 

(DNAINFO) Noah Horowitz | January 3, 2017 — The lights at an Avenue C bus shelter near Stuy Town were installed in March, locals say.

The city’s first solar-powered bus-stop lighting system near Stuyvesant Town has gone dark less than a year after installation, frustrating neighbors who say the area is now hazardous to pedestrians and riders.

The bus shelter at East 16th Street and Avenue C — which had been left in the dark for more than seven years before scoring the city’s first solar lighting as part of a pilot program in March — was plunged back into darkness after its lights stopped working some time in the past month, locals said.

Lawrence Scheyer, a Stuy Town resident and Community Board 6 member who had campaigned for years to get lights at the bus stop, said he’s frustrated the city’s fix fell apart so quickly.

“I was happy to see a creative solution, but disappointed that it only lasted a few months until the lights failed,” he said.

Source: City’s First Solar-Powered Bus Shelter Breaks Months After Installation – Stuy Town – DNAinfo New York