Citywide Ferry Would ‘Significantly’ Hike Air Pollution at 12 Sites: Study

(DNAINFO)  Alexandra Leon | May 3, 2016 — The new Citywide Ferry Service will increase the amount of air pollution at docks around the city, and impacts on air quality will be unavoidable before the project launches next summer, according to a new environmental report released by the city.

Nitrogen dioxide emissions from ferry engines could exceed the National Ambient Air Quality Standard, set by the Environmental Protection Agency, at 12 docking sites around the city,according to the draft environmental impact statement that was quietly released by the city’s Economic Development Corporationlast month.

“The operation of the proposed [Citywide Ferry Service] could potentially result in significant adverse impacts on air quality in some locations,” reads the extensive report, which was published to the EDC’s website. “For those in this population with asthma or other respiratory conditions, the risk or frequency of exacerbation of their condition could increase.”

“Although measures to reduce or eliminate the anticipated significant adverse impacts related [to] air quality have been identified and assessed, full mitigation of the significant adverse air quality impacts is not possible by the 2017 project launch,” the report added.

Source: Citywide Ferry Would ‘Significantly’ Hike Air Pollution at 12 Sites: Study – Navy Yard – DNAinfo New York