Clinton takes on health insurance mergers

(WASHINGTON POST)  Carolyn Y. Johnson, October 21, 2015 — For a handy cheat sheet as to who in health care might be a politically convenient target as the 2016 presidential campaigns heats up, one need only look at a poll rating the likability of various parts of the system, taken in August by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Doctors, at the top of the list, seem pretty safe from political rancor. The public views them very favorably. But ranking below banks and airlines and just above oil companies are pharmaceutical companies, the villain of the moment in the discussion about health care. One notch above them are health insurance companies. As if following that playbook of popular opinion, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Wednesday her “serious concerns” about the health insurance industry, where the competitive landscape is being reshaped by two giant mergers.

Source: Clinton takes on health insurance mergers – The Washington Post