fetch.cgi(CONSUMER AFFAIRS) Halloween is one of the most enjoyable days of the year for children, but parents should be aware of the potential risks that can affect children who are not supervised properly. Trick-or-treaters should always have adult supervision, even if they are traveling with a group of friends, to ensure that the only scary experiences children have are those associated with the spirit of Halloween.


Halloween Safety Tips:

Children should wear flame resistant costumes that allow them to move their arms and walk freely without tripping.  Masks should not prevent a child from seeing or hearing and makeup used in face painting should be non-toxic.  Use flexible props, such as foam rather than plastic to avoid children from accidentally hurting one another.

Children who trick-or-treat at night should carry a flashlight and wear reflective or light-colored clothing and costumes.  Using reflective tape is also an option.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times; be familiar with the neighborhood you plan on visiting.  Practice street safety: be sure to be alert when crossing the street, avoid looking down at cellphones.

Avoid poorly-lit areas and homes of people you do not know.

Travel in groups. Remember there is safety in numbers (At least 1 adult).

Avoid displaying your valuables or electronic devices. Thieves will use this holiday to hide behind a mask to commit crimes.

Place emergency identification information discreetly inside clothing of small children, in case of accidental separation.

Halloween treats should only be consumed if they are packaged appropriately in their original, unopened packages.  Avoid homemade or unpackaged treats.

Remember to utilize 911 for all emergencies, and 311 for non-emergency situations.


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