Councilman Hosts Forum to Discuss Blocking Shadow-Making ‘Superscrapers’

(DNAINFO) Shaye Weaver — City Councilman Ben Kallos is fed up with super tall skyscrapers he says are leaving Upper East Side residents in the dark — literally.

The towers’ shadows block light from reaching neighboring apartment buildings and stand out among the more modest buildings in the neighborhood, Kallos said, pointing in particular to a proposal to build a 900-foot-tall tower in Sutton Place.

Kallos is hosting a public forum on July 23 in hopes of working with community groups and other elected officials to put a cap on the height of “superscrapers”  — which he defines as any skyscrapers that extend beyond 500 feet in a residential area.

He said he hopes to work quickly to stop the proposed Sutton Place condo tower, which would be one of the tallest buildings on the east side at 90 floors.

Source: Councilman Hosts Forum to Discuss Blocking Shadow-Making ‘Superscrapers’ – Upper East Side – New York