DOE Kept Info on ‘Dangerous’ UWS School Secret, Officials Say

(DNAINFO)  Emily Frost — After the state department of education labeled a neighborhood school “persistently dangerous,” local leaders claimed the city mismanaged the entire process — from hiding the data and advising the principal not to appeal the designation to not informing parents.

P.S. 191, a K-8 school on West 61st Street, was deemed “persistently dangerous” this summer by the state Education Department, which took into account incidents reported by the school over the last two years, officials said.

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, the number of incidents reported at P.S. 191 and their severity forced state officials to warn the city Department of Education that it could be designated a “persistently dangerous school” (PDS) if the pattern repeated itself the following year.

Source: DOE Kept Info on ‘Dangerous’ UWS School Secret, Officials Say – Upper West Side – New York