Donovan, de Blasio oppose withholding funds from ‘sanctuary cities’

(  Rachel Shapiro — Republican Congressman Daniel Donovan and Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio are on the same page over Congress’ recent vote to withhold funding from sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants — sort of.

The House passed a bill Thursday that would block some federal funding to cities that are so-called “sanctuary cities” — municipalities that protect undocumented immigrants from investigations into their legal status and often don’t cooperate with federal officials on deportations.

The Senate hasn’t voted yet.

Donovan voted against the House bill, saying while he opposes sanctuary cities, withholding federal funding isn’t the way to go.

He issued a joint statement with Rep. Peter King (R-Long Island): “Sanctuary city policies are simply wrong and they undermine the rule of law. Sadly, today’s legislation only makes a bad situation worse by cutting off funds to the police officers who put their lives at risk to protect all of us. This legislation is fatally misguided, putting police officers and our constituents — including victims of domestic violence — at risk for the failed policies of City Hall. That is why we voted ‘no’.”

De Blasio is one of about 20 mayors across the country that penned a letter to Congress, urging its members to oppose the bill.

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