Dynamic curbs could make cities more livable but would require getting more people out of cars, experts say

SmartCities, Maylin Tu, March 18, 2023

With cars dominating the streetscape, other modes of transportation fight for scraps, including electric scooter companies like Bird and Lime, one investor said.

Could there be a new vision for mobility and public space in cities, one that prioritizes walking, biking, rolling and taking shared forms of transportation? As cities strive to get residents out of cars to meet their climate goals, the curb could be at the forefront of innovative solutions. That was the perspective addressed earlier this month at a Curbivore conference panel titled “Building for The Future — Creating Better Cities, Streets, and Businesses.”

The curb should be flexible, said Ben Schrom, director of product management at Lyft. The pandemic has been a three-year-long experiment in which cities embraced programs like sidewalk dining streeteries and parklets that reimagined the use of public space.

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