Ferry Operator Hornblower Fueled Aggressive Ticket Seller Network: Source 

(DNAINFO)  Irene Plagianos | May 24, 2016 — A dozen cruise-ticket vendors were arrested last week, accused of duping tourists trying to get to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island by peddling them tickets for boats that  never dock at the landmarks, police said.

The arrests Wednesday were part of an ongoing investigation into illegal, sometimes violent, ticket selling at The Battery, a problem that many, including Statue Cruises — the only boat line authorized to take passengers directly to the Statue of Liberty — have been publicly calling on the NYPD to squelch.

But a police source involved in the investigation says the “chaos” of the ticket sellers around Battery Park has been fueled in part by ferry companies — including Statue Cruises’ parent company, Hornblower, Inc. — that rely on a network of aggressive sellers, some with violent criminal records.

Hornblower — which was recently tapped to run Mayor Bill de Blasio’s planned citywide ferry service — has used questionable companies, including one that was run by a convicted rapist, that buy their tickets in bulk for at least $50,000 at a time and hire hawkers to sell them, said the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record about the case.

Source: Ferry Operator Hornblower Fueled Aggressive Ticket Seller Network: Source – Financial District – DNAinfo New York