For Good Cause Eviction Legislation

(Careforthehomeless) Philip J. Malebranche, March 23, 2023

Homelessness is caused by many factors. The phenomenon is not simple; nor are the responses, we now know. One of the elements that exacerbates homelessness is the matter of rogue landlords. The media give scant attention to this, evading how, often, burdens are forced on people, pushing them into vulnerable situations. My long-term experience with homelessness is from a series of unlawful evictions; not one: my plight has been handed to me, and prolonged; it has not been I who seek it. Reprobate landlords use eviction as a weapon, causing havoc in manifold lives. A Good Cause Eviction bill would help correct this negative influence and reduce housing instability.

From 1993 to 2018, more than 152,000 rent-stabilized apartments were de-regulated. This means that proprietors could set any rent on new tenants. Owners removed another 8,000 units from access to lower-income tenants with rate hikes just before landmark tenant protections took effect in June, 2019. New legislation would grant new protections to 1.6 million renter households in New York State, or nearly half the State’s renters.

Care For the Homeless, Urban Pathways, VOCAL-NY and others seeking housing justice in the State urge the passing of S. 305 and A. 4454. These bills are sponsored by Sen. Julia Salazar and Assembly member Pamela J. Hunter. Good policies will end homelessness, just as poor policies helped create the problem. Thank you for contacting your representatives to support these bills. I am grateful to Esperanza Spalding for the use of her image. Its use does not suggest her concurrence with this post.

Source: Care For the Homeless