Former teacher blasts charter schools

Courierjournal(LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL) Ava-Margaux Tierney, January 22, 2016 — I grew up across the river from Louisville, in Harrison County, Indiana, and have always cherished Louisville as a big part of my hometown and growing up experience.

As an adult, my life took me to graduate school in New York and then I became a public charter school teacher across another river in New Jersey. As Louisville and the state of Kentucky are poised to make some important decisions regarding charter schools, I feel it right and honorable to warn people that charter schools are agargantuan mistake.

First, I’ll tell you why charter schools are disastrous and then I’ll outline what’s needed to make our schools thrive.

Here’s the why: In a nutshell, charter schools are largely about allowing corporations and private entrepreneurs to profit from public money, without necessarily being a public benefit. (Tweet This) (Yes, of course, in the sum total of the charter schools, a few gems out there provide an excellent education, but these are lonely exceptions and not the rule.)  In other words, students and legitimate teaching and learning become second to making profits for investors — and those profits are guaranteed because they are using public money.

Source: Former teacher blasts charter schools