From DC’s Deficit Panic to Flint’s Poisoned Water

(COMMON DREAMS) Dean Baker, April 12, 2016 — We know that the Washington Post editors really hate Bernie Sanders and rarely miss an opportunity to show it. Dana Milbank got in the act big time today as he once again denounced Sanders (along with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz) in his column.

There was much good stuff in the column, but my favorite was when he told readers:

MacGuineas’ group [the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget] calculates that Sanders would increase government spending to unimaginable levels: to as much as 35 percent of gross domestic product, from the current 22 percent.

The key word here is “unimaginable.” Most Western European governments have ratios of government spending to GDP of more than 40 percent and some have ratios of more than 50 percent. Apparently Mr. Milbank finds the whole European continent unimaginable.

Source: From DC’s Deficit Panic to Flint’s Poisoned Water | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community