Gentrification Likely Inspired ‘Ninja’ Arson Spree, Experts Say

(DNAINFO)  Murray Weiss | December 15, 2015 — The “ninja” arsonist who’s been torching McMansions in Forest Hills is likely a longtime resident fed up with gentrification in his neighborhood and the fires he sets makes him feel he has the power to stop it, experts tell DNAinfo New York.

Louis Garcia, the city’s ex-chief fire marshal and a nationally recognized expert on arson, said the man behind at least seven Forest Hills blazes is infused with power every time he sets a home on fire — attracting increased police and public attention.

“He probably was someone who felt powerless to stop the gentrification and now feels he has power over them by burning their property,” said the 35-year veteran FDNY commander who spent 25 years in the Bureau of Fire Investigation and a decade as the city’s chief fire marshal.

Source: Gentrification Likely Inspired ‘Ninja’ Arson Spree, Experts Say – Forest Hills – New York