Hate Crimes Jump 30 Percent in 2016, NYPD Stats Show

(DNAINFO)  Murray Weiss | November 17, 2016 — The week after the presidential election also saw an increase in hate crimes, according to the data.

Hate crimes in the Big Apple are up by nearly one-third this year, including a spike during last week’s hotly-contested Presidential election, DNAinfo New York has learned.

NYPD statistics show that anti-Muslim and anti-“sexual orientation” motivations were responsible for much of the rise.

In total, there were 328 reported hate crimes through Nov. 13, compared to 250 incidents for the same period last year, a 31 percent increase, the police figures show.

That’s an average of slightly more than seven per week.

But last week, the number of incidents rose to 11 for the week, which officials attribute to reactions to the election of Donald Trump.

Of the 11 incidents, six involved the painting of Swastikas, two were tied to a person’s sexual orientation, and the remaining three involved religion or an anti-white sentiment.

Police officials believe the increase in hate related crimes in New York this year is tied to the volatile and rhetoric surrounding the presidential election.

Nationwide hate crime figures released on Monday by the FBI also showed an increase in hate crimes across the country by 6 percent, with attacks against American Muslims driving the increase.

The FBI recorded 5,818 hate crimes in 2015 — a rise of about 6 percent over the previous year — which includes assaults, threats, and property destruction against minorities, women, gays and others.

Source: Hate Crimes Jump 30 Percent in 2016, NYPD Stats Show – Civic Center – DNAinfo New York