Help a TriBeCa Homeless Shelter End its ‘Clothing Crisis’

(DNAINFO)  Irene Plagianos — If you’ve been meaning to finally give away that bag of clothes sitting in your closet, here’s a place really needs them now: theNew York Rescue Mission.

The longtime TriBeCa homeless shelter at 90 Lafayette St. is in the midst of a “clothing crisis,” according to a recent newsletter sent out by the nonprofit.

“We really have an urgent need for more clothing,” Andrew DeCurtis, head of development for the mission, told DNAinfo New York. “We’re serving more people than ever.”

The shelter, which houses about 100 people a night, expanded its clothing program, and now offers a drop-in time, from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, for anyone who needs clothing. They give away up to six items of clothing per person, and, on average, get about 15 people a day in need of clothes.

Source: Help a TriBeCa Homeless Shelter End its ‘Clothing Crisis’ – TriBeCa – New York