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Homeless and Housing Agenda for June 7, 2022

(MSCC) Event: Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Time: 9:30 am-10:30 am

Location: We will meet via video conference using ZOOM.US (See how to Zoom page. 3)


Today’s meeting agenda has an emphasis on housing, respite beds, health, with updates from Community Speaks’ research, Congressional hearing for protecting Medicare (May 23), and also our last meeting’s action development.


Chairperson(s): John Mudd

We appreciate all suggestions to help us run this meeting proficiently.

  • Housekeeping (Zoom protocols) copying chat, muting, etc.
    • Signing in: Please sign in with your name and organization
  • Introductions, welcoming new members
  • Please email subject and speaker suggestions by the 15th of each month
  • Items to Triage: To give time to pressing topics, please forward items at least 24 hours prior to meetings


The Homeless and Housing members, attendees, and speakers share knowledge, ideas, and resources to identify problems and find solutions to the homeless crisis.

5 min


The prior 8:30 Homeless and Housing Policy meeting wrap-up as presented by attending members.

5 min


  • Elected officials/agencies—updates
  • Daniel Pichinson, Ryan Chelsea Clinton—updates
  • Richard Perkins, Housing Works—updates
  • Rue Parkin, HelpNYC—updates
  • Julia Chambers / Tina Fernandez, Shower Power, Showers open @ 542 W 46th St (10th / 11th) on Mon, Wed, Sat from 8:30-1:00.
  • Eric Strazza, Community Coordinator, DA’s Office, Gun Buy Back
  • Giovanna Antoniazzi, Community Speaks, updates
  • Kimberly Gargan, Project Manager, New York Hotel Trades Council & Hotel Association of New York City, Inc.,  Employee Benefit Funds
  • Smitty Smith: Open Hearts Initiatives counteracting NIMBYism throughout the city (see The City’s article here)
  • Victoria Fariello, NY State Senate Candidate: World Trade Center (5) Supportive Housing
  • New Members?

8 min


Speaker(s): Ted Houghton, President of Gateway Housing

5 min


The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, LMDC, was created in November 2001 specifically to dispense federal funding to rebuild Lower Manhattan. Despite tens of billions spent and promises made by the LMDC, not one new affordable housing complex was built. The proposed development with Silverstein Properties and Brookfield Properties, who have already received massive subsidies, does not reflect the best interests of the city or the input of the community. 5WTC should be 100% affordable housing.

  • Overview
  • Affordability
  • Other
  • Next steps

Speaker(s): Victoria Fariello, NY State Senate candidate, District 29, Steering Committee for Coalition for 100% Affordable 5WTC

8-10 min


Tenants Warn against NYCHA’s restructuring

  • Overview
  • Other
  • Actions

Speaker(s): Marni Halasa, Marquis Jenkins, Community Organizer and Advocate

5-8 min


MSCC cosponsored the PNHP’s “Turning up the Heat on Direct Contracting and REACH” event May 23, 2022, where seniors, physicians, and Congresswomen Pramila Jayapal and Katie Porter inspired us to take action to keep Wall Street out of Medicare (please watch and share the recording of the event on YouTube, HERE)

FOUR actions you can take to protect Medicare…

  • Call President Biden at (202) 456-1111 and demand he use executive action to end Direct Contracting and REACH today. Use this  to get started. Note that the White House switchboard is only open from 11 am to 3 pm ET on Tuesdays through Thursdays
  • Call your U.S. representative and senators using the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and demand they join the fight against Direct Contracting and REACH. Use this to get started
  • Sign and share our petition to end Direct Contracting and REACH at
  • Share your Medicare Direct Contracting or Medicare Advantage story (including your DCE enrollment letter) using this FORM. Learn more about sharing your story HERE
  • Current objectives by our Healthcare Committee: Medicare vs Managed careActions:Contracting entities/Handing medicare over to Wall Street
  • Medicare Enrollment initiative works well with the above current objectives of Medicare/medicaid vs managed care

7 min

Speaker(s): Nancy Pascal 


2 min


ESD/Vornado development plan furthers inequality, poor living condition, and destruction of communities and businesses. There are continual updates on the subject, and you can find a real understanding from Layla Law-Gisiko’s study and Empire Station Coalition against Vornado’s overdevelopment  here.

Speaker(s): Layla Law-Gisiko, CB5, Chair of the Land-use Committee—updates (unconfirmed)

Several Neighborhood coalitions met with Erik Botcher, Jerry Nadler, Brad Hoylman, Richard Gottfried, Mark Levin on May 4th 2022.

  • Neighborhood coalitions views were expressed:
    • Commercial vacancy high, a good percentage of the Hudson Yards tenants migrated from midtown, destroys businesses, and adds to the homelessness and housing crisis, creates no affordable housing, cost tax payers… 
  • No new actions or plans were committed to stop the Vornado’s plans to build a river to river commercial district
  • Erik Botcher is meeting with us to review the Through-Running transit system

5 min

Full Report, PowerPoint Presentation, Zoom Presentation)


Locations: Midtown near Port Authority, Hudson Yards, NYCHA, Penn Station

 2 min


MSCC is busily restructuring to become more effective in accomplishing its goals and planning for the new year: 

  • Mission: Midtown South Community Council strives to dismantle the causes of homelessness by building an equitable, just, and sustainable social infrastructure to ensure dignity, health, and home for all. 
  • Vision: Midtown South Community Council envisions a city where homelessness and poverty are eradicated

2 min


Committees are important to managing overwhelming task with an intersecting network. Anyone wanting to be involved with building committees to serve programs and projects of mutual interests (Housing, Urban Farming, Education & Awareness, healthcare, incarceration, workshops, health access, Home Improvement, communications/social media messaging, Midtown Street Sheets…), please let us know.

2 min


  • Community concerns
  • Participation interests
  • Other

5 min


  • Action requests
  • Summary of today’s actions

 3 min


  • Street Sheets
  • Urban Garden
  • Workshops / Workshop Street Sheets

2 min


  • Additional announcements from our committee members?
  • New Attendees 
  • Additional comments / announcements from our elected officials
  • Positive or developing stories

3 min


  • Topic Suggests:
    • Illegal Hotels
    • Talking points
    • Network marketing and communications committee (suggestion)
    • Planning committee with mount Sinai about their unused wings (suggested)
    • Prison to shelter
    • Community oversight
    • Policing the problem away; 50% of the jail population are mentally ill
  • Speaker Suggestions: All suggestions are welcomed
  • New Members: Thank you for joining, feel free to tell us your needs, schedule a presentation, and connect with anyone within this network
  • NEXT Meeting Homeless and Housing Meeting: 9:30 AM Tuesday, July 5, 2022 
    • Always the 1st Tuesday of every month

2 min

Contact for more information and Zoom invitations.



When advocating for housing rights with a focus on community, the below items are considered:

  • Shelters: Truly transitional; although purposeful, achieving our housing and community goals will eliminate or lessen the need
  • Medical Respite Beds: Health care unit for longer stay and transitioning to housing (see Addendum B: Medical Respite Bed Advocacy Plan)
  • SROs: Single Room Occupancy
  • Supportive: Accessorized with social services
  • Housing First: Unconditional placement
  • Really Affordable: Rentals below the medium wage of 55,000 and or below 30% of income (input)
  • Affordable: The market rate rentals currently available to people above the medium wage up to 88,000 with a 30% of income ask or higher (see Addendum x)
  • Option and Incentives for Home Owner


Suggested actions to increase program visibility and bed use:

  • Coordinated Marketing Campaigns to inform (social media, postcards, flyers, press releases, and letters, powerpoint)
    • Targets: elected’s, community boards, and outreach services, hospitals, clinics, public…
    • Objectives: educate and make known the respite pathways to care
  • Tours seem like a splendid idea
  • Partnerships: MOC outreach services has a street, Lee Issachsohn street medicine program, and others
  • Connected with speakers from your respite info forum
  • Add Comunilife, ICL, Montefleur, and other presenter’s services to the street sheets
  • Include forum presenters to the health committee meetings and communications
  • Add the forums to our youtube channel and decimate with campaigns and or periodically