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Homeless/Housing Meeting Agenda January 2, 2024

MSCC, Date: Tuesday, January 2, 2024, Time: 9:30 am-10:30 am


This meeting will focus on, building a critical mass; efforts to stop the demolition of NYCHA and other updates; outcomes of the S2980S2943S1684, and S995 bills, February forums, and more.

CHAIR: John Mudd


We appreciate all suggestions to help us run this meeting proficiently.

  • Housekeeping (Zoom protocols) copying chat, muting, etc.
    • Signing in: Please sign in with your name and organization
  • Please email subject and speaker suggestions by the 15th of each month
  • Items to Triage: To give time to pressing topics, please forward items at least 24 hours prior to meetings
  • Introductions, welcoming new and old members (keeping it short and sweet)
  • Need someone to summarize actions and followup


The Homeless and Housing members, attendees, and speakers share knowledge, ideas, and resources to identify problems and find solutions to the homeless crisis.

5 min


The prior 8:30 Homeless and Housing Policy meeting wrap-up as presented by attending members.

3 min


Council’s progress report on actions and initiatives.

  • Farms
  • Web
  • Healthcare (medicare) Committee
  • Vornado / ESD Development / Community-led plan
  • Hydronic Shell Technologies / Alternative to Demolition
  • Forums (4)
  • Other

5 min


The below list of intros and updates are brief; everyone is welcomed to present for a planned lengthier discussion

  • Elected officials/agencies—Updates
  • Katy Lesell, Right To Counsel
  • Daniel Pichinson, Ryan Chelsea Clinton—Updates 
  • Rue Parkin, HelpNYC—Updates
  • Alex Yong, WSNA NYC, Member of the End Apartment Warehousing Coalition—Updates
    • Under a Tenant Association: Citation tenants have protection against eviction for a year if you are in a tenant association.* (source is 
  • Tamara Felix, CUC—Updates
  • Charisma White
  • Pastor Charmaine Moses — Updates
  • Others
  • New attending members


  • Coalescing and communication
  • Other

Speaker: Susan Mendoza, Moravian House

TENANT BILLS: S2980S2943S1684, and S995

Sue Sussman describes 4 important bills for us to lobby our Governor to sign; Alex will walk us through the phone bank at the end of our meeting

Speaker(s): Alex Yong, Tenant advocate

15 min


Liz Krueger bill 2023/A3977 Renewal of Lease or or Deborah Glick’s bill S129 Substantial Rehabilitation

This Substantial Rehab reform bill by Glick /Krueger  gives a smart framework to expose (or thwart) landlords who 

“fake-say” they wish to raze a building,  with a DHCR filing for a “fake-raze” which later the landlords renege on (see more Addendum A)

2 min 


We’re following up from a recent meeting where Related and NYCHA discussed their plans to take over public housing. We’re strategizing to educate, coalesce, organize, and stop the sell off public housing.

Speaker(s): StopFECDemolition, Ramona Ferreyra, Save Section 9, Marquis Jenkins, and other coalition members

5 min


  • Immediate needs?

5 min


  • Summary
  • Additional Requests
    • Letter writing campaign, press releases

2 min


  • Additional announcements from new attendees, committee members, elected officials, others 
  • MSCC’s Forums, Annual Networking Party
  • Last words?

2 min


  • Forums: Health, Housing, and Development
  • Rally to highlighting the inequities and bad policies
    • Locations: Midtown near Port Authority, Hudson Yards, NYCHA, Penn Station
  • One Stop Shop
  • Hurt Committee
  • Objectives/Mission/Vision: MSCC is busily restructuring to become more effective in accomplishing its goals and making plans for the coming new year to complete their:
    • Mission: Midtown South Community Council strives to dismantle the causes of homelessness by building an equitable, just, and sustainable social infrastructure to ensure dignity, health, and home for all. 
    • Vision: Midtown South Community Council envisions a city where homelessness and poverty are eradicated
  • Committees: Managing our overwhelming tasks together with our intersecting network. If anyone wants to be involved with building committees to serve programs and projects of mutual interests (Housing, Urban Farming, Education & Awareness, healthcare, incarceration, workshops, health access, Home Improvement, communications/social media messaging, Midtown Street Sheets…), please let us know
  • Street Sheets; New batch printed

4 min


  • Topic Suggests:
    • Hydronic Shell Technologies Alternatives to demolition
    • Illusion of Choice: How Source of Income Discrimination and Voucher Policies Perpetuate Housing Inequality, UnlockNYC
    • Charisma White (MSCC), what does deeply affordable housing mean
    • Network marketing and communications committee (suggestion)
    • Planning committee with Mount Sinai about their unused wings (suggested)
    • Prison to shelter and back again
    • Policing the problem away; 50% of the Riker’s Island jail population are mentally ill
  • Speaker Suggestions: All suggestions are welcomed
  • New Members: Thank you for joining, feel free to tell us your needs, schedule a presentation, and connect with anyone within this network
  • NEXT Meeting Homeless and Housing Meeting: 9:30 AM Tuesday, February 6, 2023
    • Always the 1st Tuesday of every month (We’ll be introducing Common Point’s services)

2 min

Contact or for more information and Zoom invitations.