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Homeless & Housing Meeting: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Time: 9:30 am-10:30 am

Location: We will meet via video conference using ZOOM.US (See how to Zoom page. 3)


This meeting will focus on Kristin Jordan Richardson, Harlem Councilwoman, District 9 CLTs and Homeless and Housing initiatives. We’ll also discuss the current status, pros and cons of NYCHA’s developer involvement.

CHAIR: John Mudd


We appreciate all suggestions to help us run this meeting proficiently.

  • Housekeeping (Zoom protocols) copying chat, muting, etc.
    • Signing in: Please sign in with your name and organization
  • Please email subject and speaker suggestions by the 15th of each month
  • Items to Triage: To give time to pressing topics, please forward items at least 24 hours prior to meetings
  • Introductions, welcoming new and old members (keeping it short and sweet)


The Homeless and Housing members, attendees, and speakers share knowledge, ideas, and resources to identify problems and find solutions to the homeless crisis. —And it’s quite clear, you put people in quality homes the problem is solved!

5 min


The prior 8:30 Homeless and Housing Policy meeting wrap-up as presented by attending members.

5 min


Council’s progress report on actions and initiatives.

  • Farms
  • Web
  • Healthcare (medicare) Committee: Our system of healthcare: Building coalitions to makes changes in our dysfunctional corporate care and the Mayor’s Advantage Care plan expected outcomes
  • Vornado / ESD Development / Community-led plan
  • Common Point Visit
  • HURT Committee
  • Developing a panel to support the US Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness (USICH) US Inter-Agency
  • Annual Agenda
  • Other

5 min


The below list of intros and updates are brief; everyone is welcomed to present for a planned lengthier discussion

  • Elected officials/agencies—updates
  • Nicole Krishtul, comptroller Office
  • Daniel Pichinson, Ryan Chelsea Clinton—updates 
  • Rue Parkin, HelpNYC—updates
  • Richard Vernon, Exec Director, Shower Power
  • Alex Yong, WSNA NYC, Member of the End Apartment Warehousing Coalition—Updates, initiatives
    • Under a Tenant Association: Citation (*with*  §  silcrow § ) which says *tenants have protection against eviction for a year if you start a tenant association.* (source is 
  • Casino Updates?
  • Melanie Forman, Program Specialist, OnRamps, Fountainhouse
  • Jeanie Dubnau, Holocaust survivor, teacher, scientist, tenant activist/organizer (since 1960), and chairwoman of Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association
  • Other
  • New Members?

10 min


NYCHA is being sold off to the developers and the deal is being sold to the public as a must do to have a decent place to live without the the plaguing maintenance issues of today. The tenant voted on whether to accept the support of a private developer recently. This discussion is about the outcomes, pros, cons, and moving forward after the vote.

Speaker: Miguel Acevedo, Fulton House Tenant Association

Speaker: Ramona Ferreyra, Save Section 9, and other coalition members

30 min


  • Kristin Jordan Richardson, Harlem Councilwoman, District 9 CLTs and Homeless and Housing initiatives

30 min


  • Charisma, Julie, Janice, and Lupe’s update, needs and progress
  • West 55 Street block encampments
  • Other concerns

5 min


  • Requests
  • Summary


  • Last words?
  • Additional announcements from new attendees, committee members, elected officials, others

2 min


  • Rally to highlighting the inequities and bad policies
    • Locations: Midtown near Port Authority, Hudson Yards, NYCHA, Penn Station
  • One Stop Shop
  • Objectives/Mission/Vision: MSCC is busily restructuring to become more effective in accomplishing its goals and making plans for the coming new year to complete their:
    • Mission: Midtown South Community Council strives to dismantle the causes of homelessness by building an equitable, just, and sustainable social infrastructure to ensure dignity, health, and home for all. 
    • Vision: Midtown South Community Council envisions a city where homelessness and poverty are eradicated
  • Committees: Managing our overwhelming tasks together with our intersecting network. If anyone wants to be involved with building committees to serve programs and projects of mutual interests (Housing, Urban Farming, Education & Awareness, healthcare, incarceration, workshops, health access, Home Improvement, communications/social media messaging, Midtown Street Sheets…), please let us know
  • Street Sheets; New batch printed

4 min


  • Topic Suggests:
    • Illusion of Choice: How Source of Income Discrimination and Voucher Policies Perpetuate Housing Inequality, UnlockNYC
    • Charisma White (MSCC), what does deeply affordable housing mean
    • Network marketing and communications committee (suggestion)
    • Planning committee with Mount Sinai about their unused wings (suggested)
    • Prison to shelter and back again
    • Policing the problem away; 50% of the jail population are mentally ill
  • Speaker Suggestions: All suggestions are welcomed
  • New Members: Thank you for joining, feel free to tell us your needs, schedule a presentation, and connect with anyone within this network
  • NEXT Meeting Homeless and Housing Meeting: 9:30 AM Tuesday, August 1, 2023
    • Always the 1st Tuesday of every month (We’ll be introducing Common Point’s services)

2 min

Contact or for more information and Zoom invitations.