Hotel Building Boom Sweeps Jamaica Amid Concerns

(DNAINFO)  Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | November 9, 2015 — The hotel industry is booming in New York, and downtown Jamaica seems to be one of the fastest-growing hotel hubs in the city.

But while many see it as a boon for the long-overlooked neighborhood, others worry that the new hotels will sit empty and become future homeless shelter sites.

In recent years, downtown Jamaica has attracted numerous hotel developers.

There are at least 10 hotels currently planned for the neighborhood, which would bring roughly 1,600 new rooms added to about 400 rooms now available in the area.

The neighborhood’s proximity to the airport makes for an ideal location, experts say, but critics wonder whether the sewer infrastructure — already prone to flooding — can handle a large number of new developments.

Source: Hotel Building Boom Sweeps Jamaica Amid Concerns – Jamaica – New York