Hotel Shelter Operator Stiffed NYC Homeless on Toilet Paper

(THE CITY) , March 10, 202

An embattled nonprofit operating more than two dozen hotels sheltering homeless New Yorkers is a financial and managerial mess that routinely left families short on microwaves for heating meals and even toilet paper, a new court filing shows.

Daniel Tietz, the court-appointed receiver overseeing the Childrens Community Services,  described a laundry list of failings at the six-year-old nonprofit, which has $669 million in contracts with the city.

Among the problems: an annual staff turnover rate of 55%, according to the receiver’s first filing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

While most of his findings centered on the firm itself, Tietz noted that homeless families sheltered in the commercial hotels and entitled to social services from the nonprofit were also impacted.

“Timely and consistent access to goods and supplies (e.g., printing paper, toilet paper, notebooks, pens, supplies for families, and microwaves) was a routine complaint,” Tietz wrote in the filing submitted Thursday.

Families in hotels are dependent on communal microwaves for most of their meals because the food they’re served is often frozen. The hotel rooms typically lack kitchens and offer only small refrigerators for storing perishable goods.