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(INTERMISSION TALK) Tony Vellela, April 13, 2017 —  Given its timely subject matter, the new musical “Come From Away,” with book, music and lyrics by relatively new Canadian team Irene Sanskoff and David Hein, in their Broadway debut, looks like a guaranteed Best Musical nominee, and may jump the line to capture the award.

But if you think the recent glowing notices result from a kind of sentimentality rather than a kind of superior quality, you would be wrong.  This great work relates a microcosm of tales from the 6,700 [yup – 6,700!] passengers whose 38 flights were redirected  in mid-flight on September 11, 2001, from destinations in the United States to the rarely used airfields in remote Gander, Newfoundland, in northeastern Canada.  The town’s residents, numbering little more than the total number of people deplaning on their soil, exhibited the kind of open-hearted, open-handed generosity and selflessness toward outsiders of any circumstance, that residents of the country to their south like to think of as one of their best features.  [Enough said.]

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