Join Us For The Press Conference On Separated Children Accountability Response (SCAR)

(INTERFAITH ON HOMELESSNESS AND HOUSING) October 15, 2018 — With many hundreds of immigrant children in our country still separated from their parents, dozens of them in New York State, and with signs that the federal government is considering policies to further exacerbate the problem including putting some of the separated children up for adoption without their parents approval,  the New Sanctuary Movement along with a growing community of allies – including the Interfaith Assembly, continues to organize a response to this assault to the most fundamental of our country’s values.

Thanks to the leadership of State Assemblyman Harvey Epstein and State Senator  Brian  Benjamin, a New York State legislative initiative to require state licensed agencies to provide some b asic accountability has b een introduced and will b e the subject of a legislative round table this coming Monday. In addition to providing some local accountability, we hope that this initiative may also help provide a model for other states to follow. Immediately following the round table there will be a press conference to provide an update on the SCAR Act deliberations and next steps.

You are invited  to join us:

Where:    Foley Square
When:     Monday, October 15th, 2 PM
What:      SCAR Act Press Conference
Visit our Facebook page to sign up for the event and see updates on the campaign
View our Season of Justice website to learn how to get involved
We are a country of immigrants! 

Immigrants have a legal right to seek asylum in the United States. Crossing the border illegally the first time is a misdemeanor – certainly no justification to take a parents child away. 

Many families crossed the border illegally only after being blocked from entering legally – and then having to wait in some cases, for more than a week on the Mexican side of the border with inadequate food and water.