Join Us on the Journey for Justice

(COMMON DREAMS) Rachel Rye Butler — 860 miles. That’s the distance that marchers with America’s Journey for Justice are traveling this summer—and there’s a major movement traveling alongside them.

Our allies at the NAACP—along with the Democracy Initiative, the Sierra Club and many others—are marching from Selma, Alabama to Washington, DC as part of the Journey for Justice. This week, the march comes to North Carolina, where residents have been fighting hard for voting rights to fulfill our country’s promise of democracy.

When Greenpeace started the Democracy Initiative three years ago alongside the Sierra Club, NAACP and Communications Workers of America, we had a clear purpose. We knew that our ability to make any progress on protecting the environment—or social justice, voting rights and other critical issues—is in serious jeopardy with corporate influence in our democracy at an all-time high.

The Journey for Justice is much more than a march, it’s a movement to restore our democracy. Along the way, there are rallies and teach-ins, engaging communities on voting rights, economic inequality, the environment and more. This week, the march moves through North Carolina, where we’ll be shining a spotlight on the connections between a healthy democracy and a healthy environment.

Source: Join Us on the Journey for Justice | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community