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C.I. Edward Winski, addressed the meeting with updates: Crime down 3.5% year to-date. Grand larceny involving unattended in bars restaurants and homes continues to a problem. He asked the attendees to take copies of the NYPD crime prevention tips handout.

He mentioned that Cop of the Month plaques, courtesy of Macy’s, would be presented later in the meeting.

In old business, C.I. Winski said that trailers from the Jim Gaffigan TV show were no longer blocking traffic or creating garbage, and said that the DEP would eliminate the strident sound generated by the underground gas container recovery system at MTS by replacing the pump, and the situation involving drugs in the vicinity of 323 W43rd St, midnight to 3:00am has improved now that there are more police on foot patrol at those hours.

John Mudd introduced Cyndie Burkhardt, marketing director for the MTSCC, who outline the improvements made to the council’s website. He added that the council now has its own Wikipedia page.


Resident owner in co-op in East 30s said everything was going smoothly.

Member of board at co-op at 29th and Broadway addressed chronic drug dealing on the block. C.I. winski said he would follow up and suggested that residents who observe such traffic should call 311 every time.

Business owner at 315 West 36th complained that his trucks get double tickets while many illegally parked cars in the area are not ticketed. C.I Winski disagreed that there is preferential treatment, saying that the police department has a protocol of education, summonses and then towing.

Matthew Rosenberg mentioned the April 27 opening of John Anthony’s restaurant at 35th Street and Fifth Avenue.

David Rios of Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid mentioned that Vivid, 61 W. 37th St., would have an open house for entertainment industry people on June 22 from 7 to 9 p.m.

A private security consultant said his firm is a community partner with the precinct.

John O’Reilly, MTS Crime Prevention, gave some vacation crime prevention tips: Don’t put vacation photos on social media as doing so reveals that you may not be at home. During hotel stays use the safes in your room or at the front desk and take only those credit cards that you plan to use on the trip. On day trips, keep the car doors locked, keep packages in the trunk, put and put GPS devices out of sight. Make your home appear to be inhabited by having mail collected and having the lawn cared for.

Cop of the Month award presentation

January: P.O. John Hannagan, P.O. Thomas Brennan, P.O. Michelle Murray, P.O. Christopher Napolitano – robbery arrest

February: P.O. Sara Paulino – Outstanding work as Field Training Officers

March: P.O. Dennis Maxin – Outstanding work as Field Training Officers

April: P.O. Katelynn Smith- grand larceny collar

May, P.O. Geraldo Cusaigno, P.O. Lauren O’Rourke- apprehending the hammer perpetrator that was assaulting people

C.I. Winski announced he had been transferred to the vice squad and Russell Green is the new commanding officer.


Officials in attendance: C.I. Edward Winski, C.O.  Det. Paul Spano, MTS Community Affairs, P.O. John O’Reilly, MTS Crime Prevention, Lt. Luis Marines, Special Operations, MTS, P.O.

MTS CC President John Mudd, Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly

Also attending:

Edgar Yu of Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Representative of Molly Wee Pub

Noelle Mooney, Stout and Failla

Craig Primus, Director of Security, CUNY Graduate Center

Kelly of West Garden Spa

Alfredo Marty, Blarney Stone, 410 8th Ave.

Ray Montgomery, Library Theater 42nd St &7th Ave.

Tom Ballenger, Gerard McNamee, representing Slake, NYC, 251 W30th St.

Jeff Wice, Auxiliary Sgt, Citywide traffic task force

Larry Sechuk of Macy’s security

Representative from Midtown Community Court, 314 W. 54th St, NY, NY 100019, 646 246 1300

Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT

The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday, September 17, 2015,

7:00 p.m., at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets.