KASHUV & SCHLAPP: Our Educational Institutions Need To Be Laboratories Of Free Thought | Daily Wire

(DAILY WIRE) June 27, 2018 — Free speech is under attack in our high schools and our universities. Counterintuitively, the acceptable discourse on campuses around the country has diminished rather than expanded as we have become a more scientifically and intellectually expansive society. This is a problem and one that can only be solved if conservatives create environments for discussing ideas and pushing against those that seek to narrow speech.

Our educational institutions are failing us. A high school’s primary purpose is to serve as a preparatory step to a university education, teaching skills such as critical thinking, writing, and tools for success beyond the confines of Eighth Period. Necessary to critical thinking is presenting and engaging with alternative viewpoints. This has two effects; it forces students to prod the four corners of their beliefs while also fortifying areas where they discover truth. Without free speech, students are unable to engage in this process.