Keep the Courts Closed! Not One More Eviction!


While the pandemic rages on, housing courts are scheduled to reopen this coming Monday, June 22. Without a universal eviction moratorium and full cancellation of rent, this move will allow landlords to begin filing eviction proceedings against tenants. This is fundamentally inhumane, unjust, and a public health risk.

In order for the us to safely recover, we need a full eviction moratorium for all NY tenants for at least  the next year. We cannot risk going to court, let alone having more of our neighbors displaced.

We need to keep the courts closed. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Call Judge Marks and Judge Difiore and ask them to keep the courts closed
  2. Join us in an action at Manhattan Housing Court on Monday!
    Where: 111 Centre St
    When: Monday – June 22nd – Press Confrence 8:30AM Rally 9:30-11AM
    Please wear a mask and help us maintain social distancing
    Contact Elise at or (845) 367-4983 to RSVP
  3. Sign the petition for a true extended UNIVERSAL eviction moratorium

Evictions are a public health crisis. We refuse the reopening of housing court and the displacement of our communities.

Want to learn more about the intersection of housing and policing? Join our friends at Peoples Action and VOCAL-NY for a teach-in on evictions, homelessness, and police violence tonight, June 17th, at 7PM.