LABOR How Do We Develop Strategies That Help Workers in Struggle Win?

Portside, Stewart Acuff, April 20, 2023

How do we use organizing for collective power and solidarity, to win steps toward new power over our own lives? Labor Power and Strategy is a compelling take on this question, and the dialogue between organizers and educators is the kind of far reaching discussion we need to advance our workers movement.

Huge congratulations to friends and brothers Peter Olney and Glenn Perusek for the new important book they edited, Labor Power and Strategy. It is a smart and compelling discussion about labor strategy starting with an interview with historian and thinker John Womack with responses by some of the most successful strategists today in the American labor movement. 

During the 2005 split1 in the American labor movement I discussed strategy publicly every day as I tried to defend labor unity and solidarity in the media and in endless debates, often with close friends.

I will always regret not using all that time in the media to make the case for unions regardless of federation, for speaking to working people about what matters most: our children’s lives and family security, our own self-respect and dignity, the human nature of collective action, the quality of our short lives.

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